The story of a photographer

My journey began taking photos for family events and vacations. When my daughter began to share my love of photography, we began shooting together. We love getting to know our clients and making them comfortable as we capture their special days. Seeing their personalities recorded in a photo takes me right back to that moment in time.


Ashley & Willy

“I had known her for years and dreamed of her being our photographer. I told Willy there was no one else I wanted.”

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We look forward to our trips home from Norway, where we get the time to have a family photo shoot with Rhonda! Every trip she gets to take photos of a new phase of our family life. The photos are priceless! It’s also great to work with someone who understands the stress of photo shoots with kids and helps make sure we get some great pictures.


I have known Ms. Rhonda for MANY years and she has taken countless photos for me and my family, including our wedding. Every time we ask her to take pictures, I have full confidence that magic will happen and the pictures will come out better than I could possibly have imagined. Ms. Rhonda takes special care when taking pictures to make sure that we are happy with how they turn out and if there are any special poses we would like to see. If you are looking for a photographer for your special day or even just wanting pictures for fun, look no further than Ms. Rhonda because she will make all your dreams come true! :)